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Installation of a foundry roof with pre-installed guide rail by Goodhart Sons, Inc.

The times, they are a changin’ . . . so change with them

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Published: Friday, 28 October 2011
Written by Super User

The times, they are a changin’ . . . so change with them

Goodhart Sons, Inc. has been around for 76 years, going on 77. A lot of things have changed during that time. From the way we bend steel to the way we deliver the finished product. It seems like everything has changed. In a world of ever decreasing project budgets and tighter project deadlines, we've managed to change with the industry. We've grown from a two-man shop in the heart of the city to a 175,000 square foot fabrication facility located in an ever growing industrial complex.

Even in just the past 20 years we've seen significant changes in the way we do business. Sure, we had a computer or two. Actually they were just dummy terminals with a two-tone green screen that displayed simple data. But now, good luck finding a part of our daily operation that isn't touched by the technology of today's 'Got to have it yesterday' world we live in. From 2D & 3D CAD technology to CNC plasma cutters we are able to get projects out the door faster and more accurately than we ever could! I'm just thankful that we as a company have been able to change with the times and the industry.

The world is getting smaller. No, it's not shrinking but with technological advancements in communication, transportation and distribution being what they are today, it certainly seems that everything is just the click of the mouse away! Computers, email and smart phones have changed not only our industry, but every industry in the world today. Either change with the times or Banzai Water Slide Clearance get out of the way!

I'm pretty sure I won't be on this earth to see it, but here's to another 75 years of business and the changes they will bring!

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