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Installation of a foundry roof with pre-installed guide rail by Goodhart Sons, Inc.

Bore Scope

Category: cat_blog Published: Thursday, 16 October 2014 Written by Super User

We've added a  new Bore Scope to our Inspection capabilities

We've recently purchased a Push Camera to aid our Quality Control Department inspect the inside of pipe walls, bores and other tight areas.

“The use of this bore scope will help us complete tasks in less time and more accurately”, says Dave Kriner, Quality Assurance Manager at Goodhart Sons, Inc. “With the recent announcement of a new pipe fabrication facility at our Lancaster, PA headquarters, this just seemed like a logical step for us.”

This cost effective portable inspection device is designed to deliver quality video inspection in a wide range of applications including: piping, ductwork and other tough to reach places.

The camera head contains 12 adjustable LED lights and a flexible spring coiled joint to navigate around corners. A Sapphire lens comes standard to resist scratching.

A high resolution chip is designed to capture bright, crisp, color video of the inspection area, and it is integrated into a straight view camera for the operator to view on a 7” LCD color display that is built into the case.

The monitor and controls are built into a waterproof and lightweight plastic case making it easy to transport, and carry the bore scope to various shop locations or to a job site. The video is recorded onto an SD memory card in AVI format and can be viewed on any computer supporting an AVI format.

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