Goodhart Sons – Four Generations of Fabrication Excellence

Now in its 4th generation, the Goodhart family continues a legacy of providing cutting-edge fabrication services for customers.

Our Rich History


Thank You!! for the flawless execution of the oxidizer replacement. It pains me after 2 years of working with your team that I had to say goodbye to everyone. The most important reason of why this project was delivered successfully was the partnership and teamwork that Goodhart Sons made with myself and my team here. It was not an easy task to install by any means since the major throughfare aisle between the two sides of the plant had to be shut down for 3 consecutive days, twice. The plant has recognized this as a Gold Standard project due to the efforts that the entire team put forth safely, professionally and without interruption to our production schedule. I am forever grateful because after 2 years, this project is done!! Thank you and your team again and hope to see you here again!
Manufacturing, Sr. Project Engineer
As a project manager supporting multiple facilities across the US, Gooodhart Sons is my first choice on large projects, because I know they will always keep their promises and have resources that can get the job done anywhere. They have completed impressive work in several of our facilities throughout the years. We recently partnered with Goodhart for a $3MM job that required expansive design, pipe fitting, fabrication, and equipment rigging. They exceeded all of our expectations, regardless of supply chain issues due to this global crisis. Goodhart was able to adapt and work with us to meet our needs. Sometimes, this included bringing in additional workers or working weekends, but they were always up to the task. They pride themselves in their work and align with our company’s objectives. Their support has been irreplaceable on several projects, and I look forward to continuing work with Goodhart Sons in support of our goals.
Food and Beverage, Project Manager
As project manager for a recent $4MM equipment installation at a remote location, I relied heavily on Goodhart Sons. They efficiently completed their scope of work during COVID restrictions.  I appreciate how well Goodhart adapted to schedule delays due to material shortages and supply chain issues while controlling costs. The equipment was designed remotely in Europe with Goodhart providing fabrication and assembly.  Due to travel restrictions, the European design team was not available to travel to U.S. during fabrication and assembly.  In spite of the lack of direct supervision from designers, Goodhart delivered a high-quality installation.  Goodhart’s on site foreman not only kept Goodhart’s scope moving but also helped me as an additional on-site eyes and ears for daily project issues.  Goodhart’s staff worked seamlessly with other project resources such as the system designers, electrical contractor and plant maintenance and operations staff.
Consumer Products Supplier, Project Manager
Goodhart is an exemplary leader in industrial rigging and project management. My first experience working with them was nothing short of straightforward and easy. The job required moving an old industrial coater to a sister facility cross-country in Texas. This machine was stationed in close proximity to other machines that were continuing production and minimizing disturbances to production was our highest priority. The foremen, workers, and leadership from Goodhart showed their experience and expertise whenever an unforeseen problem came up. Their active problem solving, forward thinking, and adaptability were the best I’ve experienced with industrial riggers for a project of this size. At the end of the day, there were minor disturbances to production, their scheduling was on-point, and they stayed within budget. Communication was excellent and I never felt left in the dark. My needs were well-accommodated and they handled last-minute changes with grace. Goodhart Sons receive my highest commendation and I can’t recommend their service enough!
Manufacturing, Project Engineer
I wanted to to take a moment and thank you both for all of your hard work on our last project. I know that it's been a couple weeks since we got the unit but I've been so busy I haven't even had a chance to acknowledge and let you know how much we all appreciate the great work you did. On time delivery and your dedication to delivering quality products really goes a long way for us. I hope we get to work more together in the near future.
Alternative Energy, VP of Project Delivery
Awesome job!!! Thank you for outstanding commitment. Proud to be working with you!
Event Planning, President
I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I was with the team from Goodhart. They removed the equipment in a safe and timely manner and were a pleasure to work with again. Looking forward to the installation beginning next week.
Food and Beverage, Project Engineering
Thank you!  Goodhart is a great partner for [us].  [Our teams] work really well together and they make it easy.
Manufacturing, President
I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity to visit the facility, and as well for the very detailed guided tour of the inside of the unit. We are very impressed with the total amount of know-how, research, development, dedication, and hard work that it took to shrink a football sized unit into a shipping container, while retaining key operational efficiencies. It appears that having Goodhart on your side is a great choice.
Alternative Energy, Project Manager
Bringing [Goodhart Sons] in was the totally right choice. They did a great job. They totally respected all safety regulations. I can't tell you what that means, it's a part of doing the job right the first time. Great Crew!!!!!
Food and Beverage, Manager
On a large capital project Goodhart Sons was by far one of the best fabricators we selected. Their quality, responsiveness, and on time delivery set them apart from the competition. On a very large project it was reassuring to know we had a strong fabricator that could not only meet but exceed our expectations.
Transportation, Supply Chain Specialist
With the installation of the [this] project finishing up, I wanted to give you and your team feedback on the project for your reference. First, I would like to say that I believe that everything turned out extremely well, despite the hurdles that we had to overcome during January and February. The rapid turnaround in getting parts fabricated, delivered, and installed was great along with being accommodating on all of the changes and requests along the way. The team exhibited great professionalism working with [us] and other contractors and this made everything go as smooth as possible. Working with [your team] was a great experience and they kept the project moving along as efficiently as possible. Again, I am very pleased with the quality of the installation and how everything finished up and looked at the end. We look forward to a successful startup and checkout this month.
Textile, Mechanical Engineer
The work looks outstanding and the progress is much appreciated.
Power Generation, Procurement Manager
I wanted to send you a note on the quality personnel and workmanship of the Goodhart Sons employees/supervisors. Many of the Maintenance and Production personnel at [our company] made positive comments/compliments on how easy it is to work with them, the quality of workmanship, the following of all safety rules and completing the projects ahead of schedule. Everyone knew what they were doing and communications were excellent. I look forward to working with Goodhart Sons on [our] future projects.
Performance Alloy, Maintenance Manager
Thanks again for making Phase 1 a success.  You guys get lots of compliments on excellent fabrication from our site guys!
Power Generation, Project Manager
The platform looks great. Your guys do good work.
Textile, Mechanical Engineer
When I suggested Goodhart Sons…to get us out of a jam, I knew you’d come through. Thanks for a quick job, done well.
Manufacturing, Purchasing Manager
It has been a great pleasure working with Goodhart Sons on various projects. My company's demand on tolerances, quality, and on time deliveries have been met by them. We have introduced new product lines to Goodhart Sons and they have been more than willing to team up with us in the designing of these fabrications. From the project manger to the shop personnel who fabricate our products, they show not only their skill level but a true sense of pride in their work. It is a great company to do business with.
Metal Products Manufacturing, Project Manager
I want to thank your team for your efforts on the Oxidizer project.  The experience and reliability of your entire team drove this project to completion without a hitch within your scope of work.
Food and Beverage, Project Engineer