Steel fabrication is the process of transforming raw metal into usable solutions for construction and assembly by shaping and welding them to their desired forms. The fabrication of steel requires complex welding and forming techniques, as well as equipment, and leaves little room for error. It’s crucial to partner with a highly skilled steel fabrication company to achieve the best results for your next project. Our experience ranges from structural steel fabrication to heat recovery steam generator systems and everything in between, and is what makes us the right partner for the job.

You can invest in cutting-edge fabrication services from the experienced professionals at Goodhart Sons, Inc. We are a fully equipped industrial steel fabricator with over 175,000 square feet of production space and more than 8 decades of experience. See how our fabrication capabilities and knowledge can be used to meet your project needs.

Custom Heavy Plate Fabrication

Heavy plate fabrication is the process of rolling plates into cylinders using forming, bending, cutting, welding and assembling techniques.  We offer an extensive range of heavy plate fabrication services, including:

  • Custom heavy plate fabrication
  • Heavy plate bending
  • Heavy steel plate fabrication
  • Steel plate cold forming
  • Steel and alloy plate welding
  • Steel plate straightening
  • Press brake forming
  • Steel plate hot forming
  • Steel plate cutting
  • Steel plate heat treating

Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection

We offer structural and access industrial steel fabrication and erection services for companies looking to build complex structures for their industries. The structural steel erection process involves fabricating, lifting, and assembling a network of steel segments to create an intricate building frame. We also offer structural steel painting services, where we finish your structural steel beams to ensure that they remain preserved for years to come.

You can view one of our previous structural steel fabrication projects to see our services in action.

Modern Fabrication Facilities for Custom Steel Fabrication

At Goodhart Sons, we firmly believe in the old adage “the right tool for the job.” Whether it’s our beam drilling line, 40-foot plasma table, or one of our weld manipulators, our Lancaster County fabrication facility has kept up with current technology so we can provide the quality fabrication capabilities our customers have come to expect.

See Our Fabrication Capabilities

Custom Heavy Plate Fabrication By A Team of Experienced, Skilled Fabricators

The most vital asset of our fabrication operations is our highly skilled employees. Our people are true craftsmen whose knowledge and skills are embedded into each and every piece that leaves our shops. Goodhart Sons is well-staffed and ready to deliver high-quality industrial steel fabrication, certified welding, forming, cutting and burning, precision machining, and final assembly of your project.

Fabrication Capabilities for Any Project

If your company is taking on a large project with a need for complex fabrication, we’re the metal fabrication shop that can make it happen. At Goodhart Sons, we have a comprehensive array of fabrication construction capabilities that allow us to tackle any task with efficiency and precision.

As your partner from concept to completion, we deliver the rapid fabrication support needed to fulfill even your most demanding applications to your exact specifications. We can work with many materials, including steel, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, and various alloys.

Some of our fabrication capabilities include:

  • Cutting and beveling: We can cut through conductive metals using a jet of hot plasma, equipping us with high-definition cutting and beveling capabilities.
  • Welding: Our advanced welding technologies and certified welders allow us to fuse two or more steel pieces to create a single product.
  • Finishing: We can finish our products with a full range of industrial coatings using our paint and blast booths.
  • CNC structural drilling: Our CNC drilling capabilities allow us to drill steel with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.
  • Plate rolling: We can roll various sheet metals into cylindrical pieces like pipes, buckets, and pressure vessels.
  • Bending: Our 600 ton CNC press break can form a variety of shapes from flat sheet and plate while holding impressive tolerances.
  • Weld testing and inspection: Our inspection department is staffed with 3 CWI’s totaling over 70 years of experience in steel fabrication. Magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, ultrasonic and X-ray inspections are all done in-house.

Fabrication Projects

We are experienced at fabricating complex equipment and structures for power generation, manufacturing, and other markets we serve.