Baghouses and Dust Collectors

Baghouses act as an air pollution control device as part of a dust collection system to remove particulates from the air being processed. In most cases, end customers will engage with technology providers to design the baghouse and dust collection system to customer and application specifications. This system will likely include the baghouse itself, heavy plate duct, and sometimes other components like large diameter stacks and cyclones. The technology provider or customer then uses the design, fabrication drawings, and installation requirements to solicit bids from fabricators and installers of baghouse and dust collection systems in order to execute their projectthat’s where we come in. 

Baghouse and Dust Collector Fabrication 

If you’d like to work with experts in baghouse and dust collector fabrication who prioritize quality and safety, Goodhart Sons is the ideal fabricator for you. As a provider of equipment fabrication and installation services for air pollution control, we remain dedicated to supporting our customers at every stage of the journey, from initial concept to final completion.

Air pollution control systems are a requirement governed by the EPA that touch almost all industries like paper mill, aggregate and cement, and power generation, just to name a few. Baghouse fabrication specifications generally call for air-tight welds that require non-destructive weld tests, like dye-penetrant or x-ray, to ensure the quality of those welds. Working with a shop that has familiarity with both the necessary weld procedure specifications and Certified Weld Inspectors on staff to test the welds, ensures that your baghouse will operate as expected. 

Oftentimes, as part of a dust collection system, a customer may also need a fabricator with the equipment and expertise to fabricate heavy plate duct, large diameter stacks, and cyclones. Goodhart Sons has machines like weld manipulators, a 40-foot CNC plasma cutting table, a 660-ton Baykal press brake, and various sizes of sheet and plate rolls to fabricate components of a dust collection system. 

Experienced Metal Fabricators 

Baghouses and dust collection components can be made from a variety of materials like stainless steel or weathering steel or anything in between. By working with a fabricator who is familiar with the different grades of steel, you can rest assured that your project will be completed to the standard of quality that you expect. Goodhart Sons has the experience and expertise in fabricating with the following materials: 

  • Low alloy steel
  • High strength low alloy (HSLA) steel
  • High alloy steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Duplex stainless steel
  • Nickel base alloys
  • Aluminum

Installation Services for Baghouses and Dust Collectors

One of our strongest assets as a company are our installation capabilities. Our experience in installation strengthens the standards to which we fabricate, and our experience in fabrication helps us know and understand how accuracy in the shop translates to seamless installation in the field. We have a team of experienced riggers, millwrights, welders, and project managers to ensure that your project is completed safely and on time. No matter how complex, each project is assigned a single point of contact which allows our customers to rest assured that communication will be as seamless as possible. 

Working with Goodhart Sons allows for optimal efficiencies on your project to be realized, especially when considering a turnkey project. Upon engaging with us, the fabrication and field service teams work closely together which provides the best and most efficient solution to your project.