Industrial and Large Diameter Ductwork

Large diameter and industrial ductwork plays a crucial role in various industrial processes, facilitating the efficient movement of gases and particulate matter. Constructed with precision and durability in mind, these ductwork systems are integral to industries ranging from pollution control to power generation. They serve as a vital component in exhaust systems, ventilation, and the transport of materials within large-scale facilities.

Industrial Ductwork Solutions


The design and fabrication of large diameter and industrial ductwork requires careful consideration of specific process needs. Factors such as gas flow rates, temperature variations, and material corrosiveness are pivotal in the design phase. Technology providers collaborate with clients to tailor the design and produce detailed fabrication drawings, ensuring precise dimensions and configurations.

Goodhart Sons excels in the fabrication of large diameter and industrial ductwork. Our experienced team follows stringent quality standards, utilizing advanced equipment such as CNC plasma cutting tables, press brakes, and certified welding processes. The fabrication process includes cutting, forming, welding, and finishing to meet the exact specifications of each project.

Experienced Metal Fabricators 


Large diameter ductwork begins with the precise cutting of steel plates or sheets using advanced tools like plasma or laser cutters. Our 6-Axis plasma cutting table allows us to complete weld preparation and beveling as part of the pre-fabrication process. Once cut, plate rolling is the next step in crafting large diameter ductwork. This process involves the manipulation of metal plates, usually made of steel or other alloys, to achieve the desired diameter. Precision in plate rolling sets the stage for a ductwork system that is not only functional but also durable.

Once rolled and ready to be welded, turning rolls and weld manipulators are often employed as part of the fabrication process. These specialized, CNC-operated machines provide controlled movement, allowing welders to focus on achieving high-quality circumferential welds. The precision offered by weld manipulators ensures the integrity of the weld and ultimately the ductwork, contributing to its longevity and reliability.

Quality is paramount, and Goodhart Sons employs Certified Weld Inspectors to conduct rigorous tests, including non-destructive tests like dye-penetrant or x-ray, to ensure the integrity of gas-tight welds. The use of industrial coatings, applied in on-site painting and blasting booths, further enhances durability and corrosion resistance.

Installation Services for Ductwork


The expertise of Goodhart Sons extends beyond fabrication to include seamless installation services. A dedicated team of experienced riggers, millwrights, welders, and project managers ensures the safe and timely installation of ductwork systems. The collaboration between fabrication and installation teams guarantees a smooth transition from the shop to the field.

Partnering with an experienced company like Goodhart Sons ensures the precise fabrication and installation of large diameter and industrial ductwork. Our comprehensive capabilities, from cutting-edge equipment to a skilled team, enable the delivery of high-quality solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each project.