Advocating for Family Businesses: A Visit to Capitol Hill


This week, Marc Goodhart, one of Goodhart Sons’ 4th Generation owners, had the opportunity to speak with members of Congress about the importance of family business in the United States. As a member of Family Enterprise USA and as a multigenerational business owner, Marc met with lawmakers to encourage joining the Congressional Family Business Caucus and gave voice to the positive impact that family businesses have economically and within our communities.

Inspired and organized by Family Enterprise USA, the Congressional Family Business Caucus serves as platform to amplify the voices of family-run businesses by offering insight into challenges faced by family businesses including economic issues, tax policy, workforce development, succession planning, as well as community development. Through discussions with representatives like Lloyd Smucker of Lancaster County, Marc conveyed the value of policymakers joining the caucus in order to understand the role that family businesses play as the backbone of the United States economy, and our significant contributions to job creation, innovation, and community development.

Despite important contributions, these businesses are often faced with unique challenges ranging from tax policies and their affect on succession to workforce development. By engaging with lawmakers, Marc and his counterparts shed light on these challenges, urging members of Congress to foster an environment for family enterprises to thrive.

Initiatives like the Congressional Family Business Caucus and organizations like Family Enterprise USA play a vital role in organizing these meetings and conveying the interests of these businesses. Through understanding and collaboration between policymakers and industry leaders, the future for family enterprises can be bright.

Marc’s advocacy echoed the sentiments of countless family business owners across the United States, resonating with the belief that when family businesses prosper, Americans prospers.