Celebrating Our Team for Their Years of Service and Commitment to Safety

At Goodhart Sons, one of our Core Values is Commitment, and yesterday we saw firsthand how our team embodies commitment, in more ways than one.

We had the pleasure of recognizing a number of our employees for their years of service with Goodhart Sons. We were able to celebrate employee anniversaries between 1 and 45 years! Additionally, we got to celebrate our team’s commitment to safety and our continued days without lost time streak.

All onsite employees gathered and enjoyed lunch, served by Lancaster Burger and dessert by Penny’s Ice Cream. We work hard at our company culture and at the root of that, we find our Core Values, including Commitment. Ultimately, we couldn’t do it without the commitment and dedication of our people.

Below is a list of team members celebrating hallmark Years of Service with Goodhart Sons:

Cameron Delestienne
Chris DeLeonardis
Mike Pfeiffer
Tom Horning

Charlie Patterson
Hugh Montgomery
Joe Giffin
Matt Strauss
Rob Fenchak

Kelby Stauffer

Joe Miller

Kevin Knight

Chad Goodhart

Chuck Stevens
Dan Moyer
Dave Goodhart
Duane Miller

Doug Landis

Congratulations, team! We can’t wait to celebrate with you next year!