Investing in Our Legacy: Weld Training by Miller Electric


At Goodhart Sons, Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering quality services for both installation and fabrication. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the projects we erect and the products we fabricate; it’s deeply rooted in the expertise of our team. Recently, we took another step to fortify our welding capabilities by partnering with Miller Electric Mfg. for a comprehensive training session. Led by industry veterans Eddie Woodard and Joe Ruble, the training delved into crucial aspects of welding, reinforcing our dedication to mastery with every pass.

With a group of our skilled welders in attendance, the session proved to be an invaluable opportunity for knowledge exchange and skill refinement. Eddie and Joe, seasoned experts from Miller Electric, brought years of experience to the table, guiding our team through a spectrum of topics essential for welding proficiency.

One of the focal points of the training was understanding the intricacies of filler metals. Eddie and Joe touched on the significance of selecting the right filler metal for different welding applications, emphasizing its pivotal role in ensuring weld quality and consistency. Additionally, they provided insights into troubleshooting common FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding) issues, equipping our team with effective problem-solving techniques to overcome challenges in real-world scenarios.

The training also shed light on the critical weld variables such as voltage, amperage, and resistance. Understanding how these variables interact is fundamental for achieving precise and consistent welds. Eddie and Joe’s expertise illuminated the nuances of each variable, which in turn empowers our welders to optimize their machine settings for ideal results.

Throughout the session, discussions on best practices underscored the importance of mastering the fundamentals. Eddie and Joe emphasized that even amidst technological advancements, sticking to the basics remains non-negotiable. Their emphasis on foundational principles resonated with our team, reinforcing our belief that excellence is built upon a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

We recognize that investing in our team is synonymous with investing in quality and ultimately, in our legacy. By providing opportunities for continuous learning and skill development, we ensure that the precision and craftsmanship that defines us is visible in each fabrication produced by the Goodhart team.

As we reflect on the training with Miller Electric, we are inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence in welding. Armed with the proper understanding and techniques, our team stands poised to elevate our standards and exceed expectations with every project we undertake.

In the dynamic landscape of welding, staying at the forefront of innovation and expertise is paramount. Through strategic partnerships and a steadfast commitment to learning, Goodhart Sons, Inc. remains grounded in our mission to deliver nothing short of excellence in every weld we lay.