Investing in the Future: Welcoming Our New Co-ops and Interns


From left to right: Anthony – Fabrication Co-Op, Tyson – Fabrication Co-Op, Corbin – Installation Millwright Intern, Jacob – Fabrication Intern

We are excited to introduce four talented individuals who recently joined our team as co-ops and interns. Anthony, Tyson, Corbin, and Jacob, bring a fresh perspective and great potential to our company.

  • Anthony: A student at the Mount Joy Career and Technology Center, Anthony is eager to apply his knowledge and gain hands-on experience in the field. We believe in nurturing the next generation of skilled workers, and Anthony’s enthusiasm reflects the bright future of our industry.
  • Tyson: A student at the Conestoga Valley Career and Technology Center, Tyson has the opportunity to apply the skills he’s learned within our team. We recognize the importance of fostering growth and learning, and Tyson’s dedication to his craft aligns perfectly with our company values.
  • Corbin: Currently attending Penn College, Corbin’s commitment to excellence is evident. As a company deeply invested in the development of our employees, we are excited to provide Corbin with opportunities to expand his skills and contribute to our projects.
  • Jacob: A standout from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, Jacob not only brings academic achievements but also the experience of winning the Post Secondary Skills USA competition at the district level with his team. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to supporting and celebrating excellence among our team members.

As a company, we understand the significance of embracing the new generation of the skilled workforce. We believe that investing in their development not only contributes to the growth of our industry but also ensures a sustainable and prosperous future. Our commitment goes beyond providing job opportunities; it extends to creating an environment where individuals like Anthony, Tyson, Corbin, and Jacob can thrive, learn, and contribute to their fullest potential.

We are excited about the energy and innovation that our new co-ops and interns bring to Goodhart Sons. Their presence is a testament to our dedication to building a workforce that is not only skilled but also passionate about shaping the future of our industry.

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