Mold Circulator Skid

Recently, Goodhart Sons, Inc. was contracted by a core customer requiring a pipe skid for OEM equipment. The customer needed a pipe skid designed and installed and had only hand sketches and specifications for the OEM equipment. Our field installation project manager was able to take this information and work with our detailing team to develop a general arrangement in 3D drawings as well as detailed fabrication drawings for the skid, base, pipe spools, and associated tanks. To complete the pipe skid, our metal fabrication team then assembled and welded the components and painted the unit in accordance with the customer-approved drawings.

In managing the project as a turnkey solution, we procured the OEM equipment, fabricated the skid, shipped to our customer’s facility, and installed the skid. Our field crew had the expertise to install the skid on site including the utility header piping and insulation. Our turnkey installation and fabrication solutions allow us to manage this pipe skid project from start to finish and ensure one point of contact for our customer.

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