National Welding Month

We’re celebrating National Welding Month alongside the AWS, so we’re sharing some shots of our team in action! National Welding Month is meant to bring awareness to the vital role that welding plays across all industries and also to highlight the career paths available in the field. It’s a time to recognize the skills of welders and their contributions to industry, technological innovation, and beyond.

In fabrication, welders bring drawings to life by welding metal plates, sheets, or other components together to create any variety of products like stairs, ASME pressure vessels, cyclones, and more. The expertise of a skilled welder ensures the integrity and durability of the finished products. Field installation welders, on the other hand, play a crucial role in erecting structures on-site, such as piping, ductwork, and industrial equipment. These welders often work in challenging environments, requiring adaptability and precision.

Pursuing a career in welding offers diverse opportunities for advancement, from becoming a certified welder to pursuing specialized roles like a welding inspector. You can check out some of our available positions on our Careers page.


Subarc Weld Manipulator