1.2 Miles of Weld and No Leaks

Every now and then, we have to take a moment to pat our exceptional team on the back for an impressive job. For this particularly complex project, our team was able to accomplish 1.2 miles of manual weld across 3 separate pressure vessels with no leaks detected during pressure testing. 

The project had strict design requirements for tolerance, weld procedures, and pressure testing in order to be certified by an ASME Section VIII Division 1 “U” stamp. A collaboration between our experienced welders and quality control team helped to ensure a seamless outcome.

To maintain the tight tolerances, our team built custom fixtures and bracing to minimize movement and distortion during fabrication. In addition to the tight tolerances, the weld procedures required that our team monitor the interpass weld temperature. This specification is often required when weld integrity is paramount to prevent cracking or an undesirable heat-affected zone.

Finally, the 3 pressure vessels received an ASME “U” stamp certification after undergoing hydrostatic testing to certify the quality and safety of the welds and confirm that there were no leaks. In total, the weld footage reached 1.2 miles across all units. We’re fortunate to have an exceptional team here at Goodhart Sons and to be able to showcase a job well done.

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