Quality Brief: Visual Inspection Acceptance Criteria

Goodhart Sons values and prioritizes continuing education for all of our employees. One of the areas of the business we employ continuing education is in our quality department as part of our ongoing commitment to our Quality Management System.

Dave Kriner, Quality Assurance Manager and Certified Weld Inspector (CWI), has been with Goodhart Sons for 22 years. Dave knows that one of the foundational necessities of successful projects and meeting customer expectations, is well- informed and educated welders. To ensure that each of our fabrication employees fits that mold, he hosts on-site quality briefs where we review a topic pertaining to quality. In our most recent quality brief, Dave covered Visual Inspection Acceptance Criteria.

This included reviewing;

  • Crack prohibition
  • Weld and base metal fusion
  • Proper weld size
  • Fillet weld and groove weld profile conformance
  • Recognizing undersized welds
  • Maximum allowable undercut and reinforcement
  • Acceptance criteria for porosity

Goodhart Sons takes great pride in producing projects of the highest quality. We hold in high value a sense of urgency on every project and we know that by being proactive about these conversations and sharing examples, it allows our team to ask questions and gain understanding in a low-stakes, learning environment.