Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology: Sophomore Final Project Goodhart Sons Fire Pit

At Goodhart Sons, we understand the value of investing in the future of welding and fabrication. This understanding has guided us in our efforts to have a positive impact on the technology schools in our community. For decades this has meant donating scrap metal to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology (TSCT). Each year, students of the Metals Fabrication & Welding Technology Program at TSCT complete a sophomore final project. This year, we were humbled to hear that the project was dubbed the “Sophomore Final Project Goodhart Sons Fire Pit.”

The scrap metal, which comes from drop on jobs that would otherwise be recycled and processed by our partners at Sahd Metal Recycling, provides the students with the materials they need to practice their skills while helping to offset the cost of the project. The fire pit project is fabricated from ¼” carbon steel plate and ¾” carbon steel pipe. The students work from a given set of drawings and specifications with individual artistic and functional designs customized by students.

Throughout the project, the following processes are applied:

Design: Students calculate correct dimensional and cut size information as specified in the drawings. Designs of the project are completed using AutoCAD and nesting software.

Cutting: Electronic files to cut the ¼” thick carbon steel plates are wirelessly sent to the school’s Messer CNC – High definition cutting system.

Drill and Tapping: The air inlet damper is drilled on the vertical mill. Internal threads are hand tapped, locking the threaded fastener in place during operation.

Forming: The geometric shapes are then formed using a 100 ton Wysong hydraulic press brake and hydraulic pyramid plate bending rolls. Accuracy in forming will directly affect the success of the project.

Fitting: After forming the students fit the parts, tack welding to making sure dimensional tolerances are maintained while all the seams remain flush, square, and true.

Pipe Stand: The pipe bracketry sub assembly to hold the fire pit is fabricated from ¾” carbon steel pipe. After calculations, forming of the pipe is done on the school’s Ercolina hydraulic pipe bending equipment. Coping the intersecting pipe joints are done in the vertical mill using an end mill cutter.

Welding Processes: Welding the Goodhart Sons Fire Pit project was completed with four welding processes:

  • Fitting was done using the Gas Metal Arc Welding process
  • The interior of the Fire Pit was completed with the Shielded Metal Arc Welding process using the 7018 Electrode
  • The exterior of the project was completed using the Flux Core Arc Welding process (Dual Shield)
  • Pipe joints were completed using the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process.

As always, we were excited to get to see the work the students put into crafting their fire pit. Their dedication and talent reflect the bright future of the welding and fabrication field. At Goodhart Sons, we’re committed to supporting educational programs that cultivate the next generation of skilled professionals.

Thank you to the students and faculty of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology for allowing us to be a small part of this incredible project.

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