Fabrication of 30 Baghouse Compartments

In June of 2021, GSI was contracted for the fabrication of 30 baghouse compartments, three sets of inlet and outlet plenums, and three sets of inlet and outlet duct. The project was valued just over $5.9 million and concluded May of 2023. The project unfolded in three distinct phases, with each phase involving the construction of tne baghouse compartments to complete three baghouse systems. As part of the project, rigorous quality control standards were required throughout the duration. 

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East Coast, United States

Project Type

Air Emissions Reduction

The project revolved around fabricating a fleet of 30 baghouse compartments, each being 10 feet in width, 10 feet in length, and a towering 55 feet in height. The project weight totaled an impressive amount in excess of 1.6 million pounds of steel. The 30 baghouse compartments were part of three baghouse assemblies and served as replacements for three existing precipitators so meeting the committed ship dates was paramount for the installation of each system and completing the project on time.  

Quality control was a cornerstone of this project. A pre-inspection meeting was held to review all inspection points ahead of the project’s start. These inspection points ranged from fit-up inspections to critical dimensions checks, flatness evaluations of the tubesheets pre-welding, post-welding, and pre-installation, to rigorous magnetic particle testing of all lifting lugs, as well as visual weld inspections.  

The project required the installation of heaters and cladding, with stringent verification processes in place to guarantee precise orientation of heaters ahead of completing the cladding. Before cladding, each baghouse went through final part identification to verify the orientation based on the unit’s position in its overall system. Once verified, the baghouse compartments were then shrink-wrapped and marked for shipping. 

The project culminated in a meticulous final verification process. Every critical dimension, nozzle orientation, opening location, and the overall length, height, and width underwent verification, leaving little margin for error. 

This project stands as a testament to our commitment to understanding our customer’s need and sense of urgency to get the job done on time. The completion of this project couldn’t have happened without the capabilities of our dedicated team who delivered exceptional results within a complex and demanding project.